Thursday, April 21, 2011

A hunting we will go ...

Our Sunday School class (or LifeGroup as it is now apparently called) had their annual egg hunt on Sunday. And we had beautiful weather. The sun was so bright!

Time to hunt for eggs.

David found one!

The best part ... eating candy afterwards. Unfortunately, the warm weather led to lots of melted chocolate inside those eggs.

I took about 20 pictures trying to get all three kids to look at me and Luke refused. He was way more interested in the grass.

Unbeknownst to me, this little guy got into his easter candy on the way home (and then fell into a deep chocolate-induced coma). He had chocolate everywhere ... notice the mouth, the cheek, the shirt sleeve.

Lots of chocolate under the fingernails ... and apparently he used his legs as a napkin.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dump Truck Brownies

I did this little project with the kids yesterday afternoon. It was a pretty simple project but they LOVED it. And, we got to eat a sweet treat after dinner.

Getting ready to make our brownies.




Lick the bowl (our favorite part)

Brownie batter mustaches.

All done. Our "dirt" brownies in the dump truck and cute book we read to go along with our project.

The kids loved picking their brownies out of the dump truck.

Check out this great website where I got the idea for this project.

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A historian he is not!

I sent my pocket camera with Will on his annual guys' golf trip and this is all he came back with.

Yes ... that is a toilet trophy ... for the golfer with the worst score for the weekend.

Apparently, Chris won it.

Almost the whole gang ... minus one.

Three champs for the weekend.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Checking In ...

I was on a roll blogging last week. I think I posted every day (M-F). Clearly, I have not done so well this week. But I have many good excuses. (See below.)

Monday: worked, tornado and stormy weather in afternoon kept up holed up in 1/2 bath downstairs for a good portion of the afternoon (and interrupted boys' naps).

Tuesday: worked from home, ran errands, left for Augusta, GA at 2:30 pm.

Wednesday: day at The Masters with my honey (and my brother-in-law and father-in-law), got home at 10:30 pm on Wednesday night.

Thursday: worked from home, toured new preschool/MDO for boys for next year, ran errands, took Claire to ballet (got to ballet and had to drive back home to get ballet shoes), decorated for Claire's birthday party on Friday night, did load of laundry to wash pink Hello Kitty PJ's for said party.

Friday: worked, Claire's birthday party at our house (which will also be shown at 2:45 today ... birthday decorations up and all ... did I mention our house has been on the market since January), pick up cupcakes and balloons for birthday party (with kids in tow).

Saturday: David's birthday party at our house (Sat. morning will be spent cleaning up Claire's party and decorating for David's party). Pray for no rain! Saturday night my in-laws will be in town (at a hotel) and my sister and her family are spending the night with us.

Sunday: Luke's baby dedication at church. Entire family over for lunch afterwards. Watch final round of Masters. Relax ... maybe even drink a glass of wine.

Like I said ... I have many good excuses.

But I will be back soon ... with LOTS of pictures!