Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Second Annual Trip to the Winery

This is my old bible study group and our spouses. We did this last year and had so much fun, we decided to do it again this year.

I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekend wrap-up: October 23-25

Another busy weekend in the books. While Will was headed to the UT/Bama game with buddies Jay, Colin & Tate, we were having soccer pictures made ... in 48* degree weather.

David had fun watching all the pictures. It was shortly after this that he started screaming for the remainder of the pictures and soccer game because he HATES being in his stroller.

Soccer game. Claire had the two little ringers on her team in her group, so I think she touched the ball maybe once or twice. But she was right in the thick of things the entire game, so that is progress.

One little ringer is sitting on the ground in blue. She is made because the other little ringer is kicking the ball in the goal (and not her). Where is your team spirit girls?

I finally got a post-game tunnel picture.

After we thawed out from the soccer game and took naps/rests, the sun came out and we had the most beautiful fall afternoon. We decided to play outside for a while to kill some time until dinner since I was single parenting it for the day.

We played golf.

And more soccer.

And even took a wagon ride. The kids were both shouting Roll Tide!! They needed some extra cheers this week.

Sunday afternoon was another beautiful fall day so we headed outside after naps to play.

We got our pumpkins out to carve, but never got around to it.

What a beautiful fall day! This is the tree in our front yard. It is changing to gold more and more everyday. Love that blue sky against the fall leaves. God is good!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I had forgotten about this word, but I heard it somewhere the other day (maybe on a TV show) and it made me laugh. David is definitely chillaxin' in the pictures below.

chillaxin: (verb) a mix between chilling and relaxing; hanging out.

This was after dinner last night. I was still in the kitchen waiting on Claire to finish eating and David went into the living room and brought me the remote control and then ran to get in the recliner. I turned on a cartoon for him and he sat there and watched the entire time it took me to clean up the kitchen from dinner. That is SHOCKING!

This may become a nightly ritual.

Look at that tummy. He was FULL!

Looks like he is getting a little excited about something.

Look at those sweet hands and feet.

Weekend wrap-up: October 16-18

These wrap-ups are much more effective if you actually do them immediately after the weekend, but for posterity's sake ...

I appliqued all of these shirts for the kids on Thursday night at my parents' house. (I guess that is technically not part of the weekend, but my weekend starts on Wed. night due to my work schedule.)

Friday morning, we went to ballet, and then I drove the kids to Will's parents' house for the rest of the weekend.

Will had a work function Friday night and it was fun to have a completely free date night!

Will and his boss Rod.

Rod's wife Missy. They were some of our first friends in Tuscaloosa when I was in law school there.

Will's business partner Chris & his wife Karen.

Our entertainment for the evening were these three "singer/songwriters". These guys were AWESOME! Or maybe I just had a lot of wine. Actually, they were all very good and I knew hit songs that each of them had written, which means they are pretty big time because I don't really listen to country music.

Tommy Lee James, Byron Hill and Wayne Carson below. James wrote Gary Allan's current hit "Today". Hill has written several George Strait hits (none are coming to mind right now ... remember, lots of wine). Carson blew us away with his hits "Always on My Mind" (Willie Nelson style), "The Letter" and "The Clown" (recorded by Waylon Jennings).

Will, Rod & Chris.

Will's district (minus Stephanie & Toria)

Early Saturday morning, Will and I headed to T-town to watch the Alabama/South Carolina game. This was my first game of the year and it was so freakin' cold. 35* during the game at 6:45 that night. We will not prepared for that kind of weather to say the least. Fortunately, Bama pulled out a win, so it was worth it I guess?!?

Our friends David & Nikki ... our faithful tailgate buddies.

Ah ... the game finally begins.


My kiddos sure were glad to see me on Sunday morning. Man, I look tired after getting in from the game around 1:00 AM. I loved all the cuddle time I got ... I may have to send them away for a couple of nights more often!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: October 26-November 1

A couple of repeats from last week (we always seem to have a lot of leftovers) and I'm cleaning out the freezer! This week's meal plan requires no trip to the grocery store for me this week. Yeah!!

Monday: Baked Pizza Roll and sauce, garden salad

Tuesday: Eat out after Claire's soccer game

Wednesday: Elegant pork chops, green beans, rolls

Thursday: Cheez-It Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

Friday: Chicken Quesadillas, Spanish rice, black beans

Saturday: Halloween Party I

Sunday: Lunch at the in-laws; Halloween Party II for dinner

Check out other menu plans here.