Thursday, July 26, 2012

I know what you did this summer: Summer Fun (Part II)

Luke's first movie!  We saw Yogi Bear at the $1 summer movies for kids.  Luke made it through about an hour of the movie and then he ran around in the lobby while Aunt Ashley stayed in the movie with the kids.

Oven-made smores.  Yummy goodness!

Kids bowl free!  David is quite the bowler.  Both of the kids loved bowling.

Bowling is even more fun with cousins!

The boys love the iphone!  Lots of brother bonding time while big sister had camps.

Picnics with our neighbor.

Packing for beach trips.

Shopping at Trader Joe's.

Surviving the heat!

Jeep rides!

More cousin time at a family friend's birthday party.

Why yes.  That is a peach Nehi Luke is drinking.  We found a 12-pack in the garage leftover from one of my scrapbooking weekends.  And yes, he liked it!

Rock wall climbing at Pump It Up.

David was not a fan.

We attended a party for the Cooper Trooper Foundation.  (Will's old boss and our dear friends from Tuscaloosa who now live nearby.)

Father's Day 2012

We love our fathers!  We did not get to spend actual Father's Day with Will's dad, but we did take a fun beach trip with him the week before.

My mom & dad came over for brunch on Saturday morning.  Luke was not in the mood for a picture with Poppy.

I love David's face in this picture.  And at least Luke stopped screaming after we gave him his paci!

My dad and I.

Love this picture of my mom and Claire (even though it was Father's Day).

Will celebrated his Father's Day in his usual style ... watching the final round of the U.S. Open on Sunday afternoon.

The kids and Will were in nothing but silly mode when I tried to snap a photo after church.


I thought I might try individual pics of the kids with Will, but that didn't really work either.  I got some cute candids though.



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catching up with old friends ...

We met my friend Leigh and her 3 kids at Chick-Fil-A for lunch one day to "catch up" and let the kids play.  Leigh and her hubby Andy were some of our first friends when we moved to Tennessee after I finished law school.  At the time, we didn't have kids.  Now we live in different towns (but still close) and we finally got all of our kids together to play.

Luke was not cooperating for a group picture.

Claire and McCall.  It's funny that they were born one month apart, but haven't seen each other since they were one.  They took up like peas in a pod!  The girls have already been begging us to schedule more playdates!

I didn't get a picture of the boys, but David and Neyland are only one month apart in age too.  I don't think they've ever met before.  They had fun playing together too!

The two little ones cracked me up.  Waverly is about 9 months older than Luke but they had played the hardest and the loudest.  Those third children are a rare breed ...

Leigh and I.  We talked Claire into taking our picture.  We had such a fun day!  I'm so glad we reconnected!

Another milestone ...

Luke's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese!

Claire and David LOVE this little den of germs.  Will and I were out of town consecutive weekends in April, so instead of bringing the kids cheap "surprises" from our trips, we took them to see their second favorite mouse when we got back home.

Everyone loved the carousel.

Let's go for a ride, Chuck.

He was not a fan of Bob the Builder.

This game was a big hit with both the boys.

Will kept the big kids entertained while I chased after Luke.

Everyone loved skee ball.  It is my all time favorite arcade game!

What's gonna work?  Team work.

It really was a fun night!