My Family

  Claire (age 6) is definitely a first child.  She is independent, competitive and always likes to be in charge.  She is a great big sister and keeps her younger brothers in line!  She is an excellent helper to Will and I.  She is very kind, tender-hearted and sensitive (traits she inherited from her daddy!).  She loves to play soccer and dance.  She loves riding her bicycle and playing outside. 
{Updated: 12/26/12}
David (age 4) has the role of the middle child down pat!  He loves his Mommy and is constantly at my side no matter what I am doing.  He needs a lot of attention!!  He is funny and moody and a typically, silly 4-year-old boy.  He loves to do anything so long as an adult is sitting right by his side!  He loves to play soccer and "tumble" in his My Gym class.  He also loves to read books and play with cars. 
{Updated: 12/26/12}

Luke (age 2) is our sweet baby boy.  He is very active and always busy.  He keeps me on my toes all the time.  He is either totally into something or totally not ... no in-between for this little guy.  Despite all of his activity and antics, he will still sit and snuggle and read a good book.  He does everything different from his older brother and sister and is a nice "bonus" addition to our family.
{Updated: 12/26/12}

Will - The Daddy
Will and I were married in 2000, and have known each other since 1991!  (FYI ... we didn't date that long!)  I can't imagine a better match for me as we balance each other out perfectly.  But, we also have a lot of similarities, which helps us get along well too.  Will is a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company and loves to play golf and watch Alabama football.  He is (in my opinion) the best daddy a kid and mommy could ask for ... he loves to play with the kids, he is home for dinner almost every night, he cleans the bathrooms, and he bathes the kids and puts them to bed each night.

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Sinea said...

What a beautiful family. You truly are blessed. ♥

Many blessings, Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row