Thursday, July 26, 2012

I know what you did this summer: Summer Fun (Part II)

Luke's first movie!  We saw Yogi Bear at the $1 summer movies for kids.  Luke made it through about an hour of the movie and then he ran around in the lobby while Aunt Ashley stayed in the movie with the kids.

Oven-made smores.  Yummy goodness!

Kids bowl free!  David is quite the bowler.  Both of the kids loved bowling.

Bowling is even more fun with cousins!

The boys love the iphone!  Lots of brother bonding time while big sister had camps.

Picnics with our neighbor.

Packing for beach trips.

Shopping at Trader Joe's.

Surviving the heat!

Jeep rides!

More cousin time at a family friend's birthday party.

Why yes.  That is a peach Nehi Luke is drinking.  We found a 12-pack in the garage leftover from one of my scrapbooking weekends.  And yes, he liked it!

Rock wall climbing at Pump It Up.

David was not a fan.

We attended a party for the Cooper Trooper Foundation.  (Will's old boss and our dear friends from Tuscaloosa who now live nearby.)

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