Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My first Mother's Day Out

As you know from my previous posts, Claire started mother's day out at the beginning of the month. My nanny has the kids on one of those days and does drop-off and pick-up. However, the other day is supposed to be MY day with David (and my time to do chores around the house while David naps). However, the first 2 times in September, I worked to make up for the time I was going to be out on vacation and the 3rd time, I was on vacation. This week was actually the first time I got to enjoy mother's day out for me! Most of my day was spent tagging items to take to a consignment sale and loading up bags of stuff to take to Goodwill that we cleaned out of our closet when we had our closest leak repaired last month. I also finished unpacking from our trip and tidied up the house so my cleaning lady could actually CLEAN today. There was also some bottle feedings, diaper changes and tummy time with David scattered throughout the day. As you can see from my lack of vacation posting, I DID NOT get our vacation pictures downloaded from my camera. Hopefully, that will get done soon. Oh yeah, I also spent a whole lot of time cleaning up a ginormous coffee spill that happened right before I went to pick up Claire. I don't feel like I was very productive overall, but at least I got a few things checked off my to do list and Will is very excited that I finally got the piles of clothes for Goodwill off our bedroom floor.

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