Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today ...

While driving to work this morning, I was given a gentle reminder by God from something I heard on the radio. Our local christian radio station was talking to the pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church (home of the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir). He said that we are only guaranteed today, this moment. He said we should live each day based upon the premise that TODAY is the ONLY day we can share our faith with an unbeliever ... the ONLY day we can do something nice for someone ... the ONLY day we can spend with our family ... the ONLY day we can tell someone that we love them. This really puts everything in perspective for me. If I really believed this, would I have rushed out of the house them morning without telling my children a proper goodbye? Would I have watched the Today Show while I was getting ready instead of talking to my husband or talking to God in prayer? Would I have slept so late? Would I be spending the day at work? I know that in all practicality, I cannot use this as an excuse to forego all of my daily responsibilities at work and at home. However, it does remind me that I should realign my priorities and not get so hung up on the little things that suck away my time from what really matters in life.
On a less serious note: I got the mildew stain out of David's outfit. I think the Oxy-clean spray is what really finally did the trick. Of course, maybe the spray was able to work its magic because of the three previous soaks in Oxy-clean, the ammonia soak and the lemon juice/salt solution soak. I mean, is this thing still safe for my child to wear? Is it toxic now? In light of my statements above, I probably should have tossed the outfit, and spent the time it took to work this stain out to do something more Kingdom-worthy.

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