Saturday, September 20, 2008

The vacation is over.

We just got back from a week-long vacation in Orlando ... Disneyworld to be specific. I'll post more details and photos later. I have been in the car for 12 hours today, only to return home and find people lined up for gas (with police setting up road-blocks to direct the traffic). Fortunately, some friends forewarned us about the gas situation and we topped off before we left Georgia. Finding gas was not a problem in Georgia and Florida. Here are a few "nuggets" of info I gathered on our trip:

(1) A DVD player is an absolute necessity when traveling with a toddler for more than a few hours. Beware: you will watch a lot of Barney. You will also sing a lot of Barney songs for your entire trip.

(2) Make sure that your hotel pool has a kids waterslide. This kept Claire entertained for hours!

(3) Make sure your children actually like characters before you take them to a character meal. Otherwise, there will be a lot of screaming and crying, and not a lot of eating.

(4) It only took one ride on "Its a Small World" for my toddler to learn the song ... and sing it the entire rest of our vacation. I guess that is better than singing Barney.

(5) Disney's 2008 dining plan is no longer a really good deal. It was a good deal last year. Gratuity is no longer included so it is not as good of a deal now.

(6) When you spend 7 days with 2 kids at Disney, $21/hour babysitting is WORTH EVERY PENNY! We used Disney's babysitting service one night so we could have a "date night". We enjoyed a nice meal and got to ride one of my favorite Disney rides: Soarin'.

(7) It is still really hot and humid in Orlando in September. I went to Orlando with my parents this time last year. I guess I had forgotten.

(8) "Free Internet" at Disney means free access to Disney-owned websites only (e.g., ABC, ESPN). There was no email, blogging or facebook for me this week.

(9) Listening to golf on the radio is just as exciting as watching golf on television. Again, my other option was to watch Barney (or some other annoying kids' show) on DVD, so I listened to the Ryder Cup coverage on XM radio. Go team USA. Will said it was like watching the Olympics. I disagree.

Well, like I said, I hope to post some more details and photos about our vacation over the next week or so and catch up on my Thoughtful Thursday post, but I have a very busy week of "catching up" to do at home and work. Work is going to be especially hectic this week as I have a case set for trial on Oct. 1 (I will not be trying this case ... I will just be doing all the leg work to get ready).

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Phillips Phamily Mama said...

can't wait to hear more and see pictures! i guess congrats are in order for the red team.