Sunday, October 5, 2008

Disney: Part II

What we did while we were there: The Pool

This trip, we stayed at the Beach Club which has the most awesome pool at Disney-Stormalong Bay. It did not disappoint. The pool was awesome and Claire loved it. Most kids who stay at a Disney property say that their favorite thing is the pool and it was no different with Claire. She loved the pool! As you will see in the photos below, the pool is like a beach, sand and all. Claire did not like the sand at first, but she quickly warmed up to it. The lifeguards even put shovels and pails out for the kids to play in the sand. But, her most favorite thing of all was the waterslide. They had one just for kids. She squealed with delight every time she came down. She was a little fearful at first, but after she tried it once, there was no stopping her. She would go down that thing over and over again for an hour at a time. They also had an "big kid" waterslide that was very fun. Will and I both managed at least one trip. Will also took Claire down the big waterslide once. (I vetoed any additional trips down the big slide after I found out.) We spent 4 out of 6 days on our vacation at the pool. Claire had a blast and the parent with David got a little R&R in the shade. By the way, Hurricane Hannah's Grille by the pool has the best Pina CoLAVA drink. I highly recommend it ... especially after a day at the pool with 2 small kids. Cheers!

Claire and David loaded in the stroller headed to the pool.

Waiting for the pool to open on our first day. Who knew it didn't open until 10am? We got there about 9:45 and got the best shady seat in the house.

Still waiting for the pool to open. Claire posed for a photo before she got wet.

David in his float ... he was not a big fan (of the float or the hat).

Daddy and Claire playing in the sand. The little sand bar was in the center of the pool. Oh what fun! I love the lighthouse in the background.
David took several naps at the pool ... and who knew that pool towels made such good swaddling blankets.

Here goes Claire down the waterslide.

And there is Daddy waiting to catch her at the bottom.

The kids waterslide was on the back of this shipwrecked boat. The "big kid" waterslide started at the top of the boat where you see that tube, went over the walkway, and came out in the big pool on the other side.

Will and his baby boy. Look at those rosy cheeks and little fat belly. Is that Santa?

Daddy helped Claire build a sandcastle.

Then she sat on it. She was not happy. She is probably saying, "my hands dirty". She did not like to get the sands on her hands. She quickly ran into the water to wash off.

David had a fun time kicking his feet in the water.

Look at my sweet beach babies. Don't worry ... Will was standing close by while I was taking this photo.

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