Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random playtime photos

Here are some random photos of the kids at play over the past few weeks.

Playing on a firetruck with Meme. This is outside a children's clothing store.

This is a funny story. Claire lined up the chairs from her little table in the kitchen in front of the TV while she was watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse".

Then, she decided that Baby Stella and Mickey Mouse wanted to watch too, so she went up to her room to get them.

Apparently, Baby Stella was unhappy in the chair, so she pulled David's exersaucer over and plopped Baby Stella in there, and continued to watch her show.

Claire playing with her "house". I highly recommend this toy. She has played with this since she was 14 months old when I bought it. She really could have started playing with it earlier. It is well worth the money.

David on his play mat. This is how I left him.

This is where I found him a couple of minutes later. He is quite the little mover.

His favorite thing to do with this toy is to scoot over to the arch and chew on it. All those fun toys hanging in front of his face, and he just wants to chew on a piece of foam. Go figure.

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