Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sew What?: November

Yikes! It is November 30th and I haven't written my "Sew What?" post for this month. There hasn't been much on the sewing front this month. Our guest room (which is also my sewing room) has become our Christmas gift headquarters so it is a little crowded in there right now. I did get some really cute embroidery appliques at this website and made the three shirts below (each with a cute pair of matching pants from Target. I bought the shirts at Target too, but recently found a great place online to buy blank clothing to be embroidered on. Check out this website. The reindeer is an early Christmas gift for my nephew and the other 2 shirts were birthday gifts for my neighbors' little girl Kate.

Here is some sewing I did for my own children.

A Halloween top for Claire. It was a little short because I ran out of fabric, but that is nothing a pair of black leggings can't fix. Hopefully, she can still wear it next year because I finished it up 2 days before Halloween. She was able to wear it to her party at school at that was it. I will try to do better next time.

Matching pumpkin outfits for the kids. I actually finished David's outfit in time for him to wear it to the pumpkin patch. My mom made Claire's outfit, but I had to repair the panel because she made it too long and do all the buttonholes/buttons (14 total). I got Claire's dress ready in time for her to wear to her Thanksgiving party at school. Good thing they have holiday parties at her school or I would never get anything finished for her!

Matching Alabama elephant outfits for the kids. I made these outfits for the kids to wear when we took them down to Tuscaloosa. I actually finished both of them on time if you can believe that! I love this elephant applique and the gray/red/white check fabric. Everyone in Tuscaloosa loved these outfits and I could probably make a fortune if I sold them there, but at the expense of my sanity ...

Hopefully, next month, I will have some Christmas sewing finished up and one of these new patterns finished up. I love these outfits and can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. Check out this website for my info on the patterns (and super-cute fabric).

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Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Don't tell my husband I said this, but those elephant outfits are quite cute!