Thursday, December 11, 2008

Girls' Night Out: Gingerbread Style

This year for our Christmas party, my book club decided to decorate gingerbread houses. Several of my girlfriends and myself have gone to a fundraiser every year for the past 5 years where you decorate gingerbread houses (and eat free food and bid on silent auction items), but each year, the event has gotten progressively more expensive so decided not to go this year. I found these great gingerbread kits at Costco for $10 (it included an assembled house, 2 bags of white icing, one bag of red icing, and a lot of candy to decorate the house).

A group photo. I think all of our members are there.

Claire, Marianne, Kelly and Suzanne hard at work.

Jessica, Holly, Colleen and me (the back of my head at least). Thanks Will for taking some pics after you put the kids to bed!

Look at ALL THAT CANDY!! We do not mess around.

Look at the cool roof on Claire's house.

A group photo with our finished houses. It is fun to see what everyone does with their house. Each person comes up with something different.

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Phillips Phamily Mama said...

I love this idea! Maybe next year...