Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday: Are you Ready?

This is a busy season. Now that I have all of my shopping finished, holiday parties completed (except for a cookie decorating party with some of Claire's little friends tomorrow) and cards mailed, I hope to take some time to BREATHE and appreciate the true meaning of this season ... the birth of my SAVIOR! I read this earlier this week and thought it fitting ...

I wonder, if Jesus were making a holiday preparations list, what would He include? What if those who were there on Christ’s birth day could advise us on getting ready for Christmas? What would be on their list?

Joseph might recommend we listen closely to the voice of God to prepare.
Mary may suggest we ponder the miracles of heaven.
Perhaps the angels would propose we sing about the King.
The shepherds may gently guide us to follow their act of worship.
Possibly the wise men would teach us to give Jesus our most valuable gifts.
The innkeeper may suggest “Hospitality: open your heart and home.”
And Jesus’ list would likely encourage us to be a light on the hill pointing the way for others to know Him.

Now, are you truly ready for this holiday season? I know that I still have a lot of work to do.

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