Friday, January 2, 2009

Famous last words ...

"My kids do not spit up." I actually spoke this to someone when David was about 6-7 months old. And at the time, it was true. Claire never spit-up/vomited unless she was sick and that was rare. I rarely have to use burp cloths when I feed David anymore ... until this week.

{On a side note, you know you're a parent of young children if ... you blog about your child's projectile vomiting. Anyway, on with the post.}

Embarrassing spit-up/projectile vomit moment #1: Will took the kids to his parents' house on Monday and Tuesday this week so he could play golf and I could work (and his parents' could watch the kids). I did not get to see Claire before I went to work on Monday morning and my co-workers are always wanting me to bring the kids by the office so Will brought the kids by the office for a quick visit on his way out of town. Right before they were about to leave, David started projectile vomiting all over my carpeted office floor. IT. WAS. DISGUSTING! We took David's romper off and he left in his onesie turtleneck and Will had to go back home before he left town to change clothes. Needless to say, David will not be making any appearances at my office again any time soon.

Embarrassing spit-up/projective vomit moment #2: Our sweet friends from church (and fellow Alabama fans), Jay and Jennie, came over to watch the Sugar Bowl tonight. About 10 minutes into the game (when Alabama was down a whopping 21-0), right after David finished his bottle, Jennie asked to hold David. (I had just finished telling her the office story.) David spits up a little. Jennie: "Oh, its not too bad." And then he proceeds to continue the projectile vomit all over both Jay and Jennie. YUCK! A quick, impromptu bath of David, several towels and washcloths for the adults, and a few sprays of Febreeze later, the game was back on. Perhaps David's incident was a foreshadowing of how the game was going to end for us Alabama fans ... we were just SICK!

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