Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fantastic Finds

Go to Harolds. Don't walk. Run!

Harolds is going out of business and the entire store is 80%. The store is only open for 9 more days. I have never shopped at Harolds before, but my always fashionable friend JJ has shopped there on occasion and always has cute stuff. So, when I ventured by there this morning on my way to Ann Taylor Loft to spend my Christmas gift cards, I had to stop by and check out this AWESOME sale. I got three spring dresses and one top for $70.76. Original total for these items would have been a whopping $584.00.

After that, I floated to Ann Taylor Loft to spend my gift cards. They were having a great sale too. All sale items were an extra 25% off. Sweet! I got two sweaters, two blouses and two pair of dress pants for $85. Minus my $50 gift card, that was only $35 out of pocket.

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Chris, Jen and Owen said...

I shoudl have gone earlier...3 work skirts (HOT work skirts) and a spring sundress...grand total = $27.26. Regular price was over $500. Thanks for the encouragement.