Thursday, April 9, 2009

Celebrating 32 years ...

I recently celebrated a birthday. I feel like we had a birthday Hanukkah of sorts as the celebration seemed to span the course of many days. The day before my birthday, Claire woke up and I heard her singing "Happy Birthday" to me when I went upstairs to get her. It was the sweetest sound!!

We actually spent my birthday weekend in Alabama, so to celebrate, we joined some of our bestest friends for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant for some birthday margaritas!

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Saturday morning (my actual birthday), I awoke to this ... and more "Happy Birthday" singing from Claire. I was surprised with a digital photo frame and Flip (handheld) video camera, both of which are still in the box a few weeks later. I can't wait to find some time to get them and and figure out how to use them!

After a busy day of visiting with the in-laws, we ended the day with my favorite cake ... Italian Cream Cake. In the words of Rachel Ray ... YUM-O. Claire picked out my curly-q candles and helped me blow them out.
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Last, but not least, was a birthday dinner with my family. My sister and I both got new sergers (a kind of sewing machine) for our birthdays. (Ashley's birthday is not until July, so she got hers early.)

Claire and Evie were excited to get to sing Happy Birthday again and blow out some candles ...

and dance a little jig. They were so cute dancing while my mom played the piano. I have NO idea where Claire picked up all of her ballet moves ... it certainly wasn't from any ballet classes.
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I am so thankful to have such sweet family and friends to celebrate this special day in my life!! I am so blessed!!

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