Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A practice run for the big O-N-E!

David's first birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe my baby is going to be ONE! This year has really flown by ... more so than it did with Claire's first year.

Tonight, we had a leftover Easter cupcake, so we thought we would give the birthday cupcake eating a practice run. Let's just say that David didn't really need any practice. He has this cake-eating thing down pat.

Do you like those two BIG scratches under his eye? That happened yesterday. Apparently, he has decided to run everywhere even though he is still not real steady on his feet with the whole walking thing. Our nanny said he fell "a lot" yesterday. We have the facial scars to prove it. This will look great in his birthday party pictures on Saturday.

Claire begged me to take her picture too, so I told her to make a silly face. This would actually be a really good smile if her eyes were open.

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More birthday pics to come later this week. We love the April babies in our house!

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