Monday, April 6, 2009

What busy lives we lead ... a quick update

A high-school reunion of sorts ... 14 years later.

Will and I went to high school together ... class of '95. I started school at MHBS in 8th grade, but Will was a "lifer" (i.e., K-12). We have several classmates who live nearby, and thanks to Facebook technology, we reconnected on the web ... and finally in person. We had a little get-together at our house several weeks ago and had a blast. Most of us still stay in touch and saw each other at our 10-year reunion, but a couple of the group, we literally had not seen since high school. Here's to the blast from the past and hopefully many more fun times together in the future.

NOTE TO GRANDPARENTS: you can click on the collage to see a larger picture.

Playing dress-up with Daddy.

Pretty self-explanatory. Really just wanted to have some pictures of Will semi-dressed in a princess dress. Claire does not take "no" for an answer!

Another trip to the zoo ... family style.

Of what joy to have an extra set of hands (aka DADDY) at the zoo. Usually it is just me, a couple of friends, and all of our kiddos (we are greatly outnumbered). What a nice day we had to get outside too. This was also the first trip to the zoo that I was brave enough to take my new digital SLR camera, which Will has told me I must guard with my life. I actually lost my point-and-shoot last time we were at the zoo, but I quickly realized it had fallen out of my pocket and ran back and found it. I had a hard time narrowing down pictures so here goes.

Family time ... these are just some random shots of us at the zoo. I love the pic of Will and Claire walking into the zoo. Poor David spent most of this time in his stroller. (The picture of Claire on Will's shoulder from behind is her trying to get a peek at the white tiger cubs on loan from another zoo. They were definitely the most popular attraction.)

All the animals ... I usually don't take pictures of the animals, but since I had my nice, new camera, I decided to take a few practice shots. In addition to the tiger cubs, the zoo had 7 new zebras. Biggest shocker of the day: Claire actually petted a goat in the petting zoo. Last time we were in there, there was lots of screaming and crying and clinging to my leg. We are getting quite grown up.

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Playtime at the zoo ... This was my first time on the zoo carousel. Claire had a blast and David had a fun time watching us ride by. Last, but not least, was some swinging and sliding on the playground.
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