Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by for a haircut.

When we were on vacation, this older gentlemen saw our kids in the double stroller and thought David was a girl. So, Will said it was time for a haircut. In the end, we didn't really cut that much hair and if this man thought he looked like a girl before, he would still probably think that. However, at least we feel better about it and he won't have so much hair in his face. I couldn't bear to cut those sweet curls off ... not yet anyway.

Meme held, while I cut.

Look at that face ... he is not too sure about all this.
All done!

Claire got a haircut too. She was just going to get a trim, but we ended up cutting off quite a bit of hair. It really does look so much better!

Before ...


Look at all that hair we cut from Claire. And yes, we bribed her with candy.

My neighbor ran over with her little girl to get a quick trim too. This was Miss Kate's first haircut, so I snapped a few photos. She really just got a little trimmed off the back to even it up.

Thank you Meme for all of the free haircuts! We will pay you with LOVE!

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