Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sew What?: May

I got a lot of sewing projects completed this month, surprisingly. I also have several works-in-progress that I hope to have finished up and posted in June, including two new baby quilts (that are gifts for very special friends) and a smocked dress for Claire to wear next spring/summer. I got a lot of smocking done on our recent vacation since the weather was horrible (and I have to have something to distract me from "Annie" watching).

Poor David got nuttin' this month, but honestly, he could change clothes 3 times a day and never run out because he got so many nice hand-me-downs and gifts.

I made Claire this super-cute skirt. I found the tutorial here for FREE. It's a little big right now, but the tie waist helps with that problem. It should be perfect for the fall (and maybe next spring too). It is so cute I started making another one with different fabric of course!

A side view ...
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I also made Claire this cute pair of ruffle pants to match this pillowcase dress Claire got as a baby gift. She never got around to wearing it when she was little (it's sized 12M) so I finally pulled it out for her to wear as a top this year. It is perfect!
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The pants are the Portabello Pixie ruffle capris. I think they are adorable! If you plan to make this pattern, I would say it runs a little on the small size. I made Claire a size 3 even though she fits the measurements for a size 2 and wears a size 2 in most other clothes.

I have 4 more pairs of capris in progress to match dresses from last year that can now be worn as tops. They are a cinch to make, especially with my new serger that Mom & Dad gave me for my birthday. I love it!

Isn't this the perfect memorial day (and July 4th) outfit? Note: I did not make David's outfit. I don't really do any picture smocking. Not yet anyway!

I made this pillowcase dress from a real "vintage" pillowcase my mother-in-law found in her linen closet. It is a gift for my friend Heather's soon-to-arrive Hannah Jo. (I already gave it to her.) [Those are Will's suits pants I need to mend in the background.]

Miss Hannah Jo also got a bib and burp cloth.

I also made some burp cloths for my other friend Heather's soon-to-arrive baby Jacob. I found these blue, navy and lime green colored burp cloths on sale at Target. They matched the elephant fabric perfect!

I can't wait for these two sweet babies to arrive!

Finally, here is a better picture of Claire's birthday outfit that I posted about here. Pardon her left swollen eye ... she was having some allergy issues that day. You like how she was posing for the picture without taking her eyes from the cartoons she was watching to the left? This girl can multi-task like her momma!
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The Kelley Family said...

I love that skirt! I bookmarked the tutorial for once K gets a little older! I love making pillow case dresses for K.. I need to find some cute vintage ones! :D