Thursday, June 4, 2009


Two hours in a doctor's office is totally worth it if you get to come home with these really cool shades.

And these.

And then, you're so worked up from missing your morning nap and lunch while you were at the doctor's office, mommy let's you watch a movie in her sewing room while you are supposed to be taking your afternoon nap just to keep you occupied for a little while.

Claire's climbed into this storage container I had out (with my quilt batting) and David decided he needed a basket to sit in too. Once he sat down in this tiny basket, he was stuck and he was MAD!
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An update on Claire. We did finally see her ENT today. He removed both of the tubes from her ears. The left tube came out easily. The right tube, not so easily. The ENT said "this one may draw a tear" and he was right! It drew quite a few tears and required lots of hugs from Mommy (and a sticker and sucker and a prize from the treasure chest-the sunglasses) before Claire was feeling better. She really was such a big girl today. We follow-up with the ENT next summer to see if the hole in her left eardrum has healed. He said that sometimes it can take up to a year to heal on its own and he would still wait a couple of years before he would resort to patching it.

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