Monday, June 29, 2009

a VERY BUSY Weekend

Claire has turned into quite the little artist. All she wants to do it paint! These pics are from painting with Will while I was at a baby shower on Thursday night.

Painting in the garage.

Nice t-shirt smock. I'm pretty impressed that Will even thought to put anything on her ... or took any pictures of the whole process. Go Daddy!

Friday morning. Claire and I got up and made these muffins ... from scratch. If you like orange, these muffins are for you. If not, you probably won't like them. Claire has become quite the kitchen helper lately. We have almost got stirring without spilling down pat.

We took them to my friend Ginger's house for brunch and a play date with her boys (who are 8, 8 and 5). I'm going to hire the twins to be my mother's helpers. They were great playing with both kiddos while Ginger and I got to visit.

After nap time on Friday, I let both kids finger paint, but David wasn't interested. He put hand in paint, hand on paper and then hand in mouth. So, I quickly cleaned him up and sent him on his way. Claire had a great time of course.

Okay ... if I was a really good photographer, I would have focused on Claire's hand and the background (including her) would have been blurry. But, I'm not. But, I'm trying to improve my skills. Too bad I have constantly moving targets! (and I was trying to keep David out of the paint!)

Saturday involved hanging around the house and doing a few long overdue chores ... like hanging new light fixtures we bought months ago. I'll post pics once we get them all up.

Sunday, we headed to church and then to the annual West Class Sizzling Summer party. It was definitely sizzling hot!

Here is my attempt to get a picture of the kids in their matching crab outfits after church. Let me just tell you, David does not like it when you make him sit down.

So we tried to get a picture standing up. Then, he just kept running towards me to get my camera.

Sunday afternoon, Claire watched a quick Hello Kitty movie before her nap. After lunch, she told me that she wanted to go watch her movie and that she wanted some popcorn. After it was over, she came and told me that her movie was over, but that she had not finished her popcorn so she needed to watch "one more movie." Nice try cutie-pie! Time for a nap!

Sadly, I did not take any pictures at the class party on Sunday night. Just to give you a visual, there were about 40 kids playing on 3 different water slide inflatables, a kiddie pool and a swing set. Apparently, my kids go into automatic meltdown mode when we are at a church function. They finally recovered and got some good play time in during the last half of the party. Oh, and I think we ate some food too.

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