Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love Story

Today, Will and I are celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss. I thought it would be fitting to write down our love story just for old times sake.

Will and I actually met 19 years ago ... in 8th grade! Yikes! It's kind of nice to know that kind of history about your spouse, but on the other hand, we both got to witness in person the other's awkward years.

So, Will and I met in 8th grade. We went to a small private school so there was only about 50-60 people in our class. We "knew" each other, but I would not say that we were friends. Around 11th grade, we were on the debate team together and we started hanging out with the same little group of friends. My best friends Kaisha and Ginger went to church with Will so that is how we all ended up in the same little group. Fun times!

Will and I started dating in the fall of our senior year. He asked me out to our class hayride/bonfire at Michael Cooper's house. We dated for about 3 months and then he broke up with me the week before Valentine's Day! He was smothered and I was devastated. I just knew he was the man I was going to marry and didn't understand while he didn't see that too. Needless to say, I eventually moved on and decided that maybe Will was not "the one" but that it was someone with similar personalities traits, values, etc.

This is a picture of us our senior year of high school and our jr/sr formal. We did not go together, but I made him get his picture made with me anyway.

Fast forward 4 years. Will was in college at Alabama and I was at Belmont. We had actually stayed in touch over the years just because I had friends at Alabama and I typically ran into Will whenever I went to visit them. I had just ended a relationship 3-year relationship with my college boyfriend (over Christmas break). I had seen Will over the break when he was in Nashville for the Music City Bowl. I sent him a letter (how lame is that) telling him that my boyfriend I had a broken up. He called me that night and invited me to Tuscaloosa for him and his roomies annual Super Bowl Party. I went down the for the weekend and the rest is history.

We dated long-distance until we both graduated from college about 4 months later (May 1999), and then we both moved to Auburn (and drug our roommates along with us) where Will started working on his MBA and I worked on a research grant in the psychology department at the University. We got engaged in August (7 months post-getting back together) and married in July 2000. We moved to Tuscaloosa the summer we got married so I could start law school 3 weeks after we returned from our honeymoon.

This picture is from the night we graduated from college. I found it last night when I was digging up these other photos and it really cracks me up. I drove down to Tuscaloosa from Nashville after my graduation from Belmont. Will and his roommate Cory were having a little get together at their house. Cory, pictured with his girlfriend-at-the-time and now-wife, Amy, has been Will's BFF since they were itty bitty. Cory was a good friend of mine in high school too. Cory and Amy got married 2 weeks before we did.

Here is a picture from our wedding day. Don't we look young and in love?

What I learned from our dating/falling in love experience:

(1) Be patient. God's timing is always perfect.

(2) Be faithful and God will give you the desires of your heart.

(3) Pray for your spouse daily, before you even know who he/she is.

Happy Anniversary sweetie! We have had a great 9 years together and I pray for many more. God created my perfect life partner in you. I love you!

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