Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girls' Night Out

This past Wednesday night, I went with three girlfriends to a wine tasting at Boxwood Bistro. My friend Colleen suggested this little outing and set the whole thing up. It is quite a good bargain too. For $15, you get to taste 6 different wines and they had a nice spread of appetizers too. We ended up ordering dinner from the menu (with a 10% discount), because the apps weren't cutting it with ALL THAT WINE we were drinking. We each got a different entree salad and they all looked yummy.

We will definitely plan another one of these outings soon! And bring a driver next time (or maybe our spouses). Oh what fun we had!

Holly and me.

Claire and Colleen

The four of us.

I wish I could tell you what wines we tasted, but they didn't give us a list and I honestly don't remember. It was a very balanced combination though, with a pinot grigio, 2 chardonnays, a grenache (I had never had this before and it was very peppery, but would be good with pork or BBQ flavor), a Cabernet and a petit syrah.

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