Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meal Plan Monday: August 3-16

This is my menu plan for the next two weeks because Publix had a lot of good deals this week and I decided to stock up. Plus, my freezer is getting FULL and we needed to do a little cleaning out.

Here are my sale/coupon results for this week:

Total groceries: $195.78 (This is a lot more than I normally spend, but I was buying for 2 weeks of meals and did a lot of stockpiling.)

Total savings: $68.77 (35% savings)

Total out-of-pocket: $127.01 (plus tax)

Here is the meal plan for Aug. 3-9

Monday: Jambalaya w/shrimp and sausage, salad

Tuesday: grilled salmon, mango couscous

Wednesday: Girls' night out for me; leftovers (or frozen pizza) for Will and the kids.

Thursday: Chicken puffs, mandarin orange salad, mixed vegetables

Friday: Enchilada pie, corn, salad

Saturday: I am hosting a scrapbooking weekend for a few girlfriends. We typically either pick-up lunch and dinner or cook-in, but we haven't finalized the "meal plan" yet.

Here is the meal plan for Aug. 10-16

Sunday (pm): leftover buffet

Monday: BBQ ribs, skillet potatoes, mixed veggies

Tuesday: Polynesian chicken, rice, squash/zucchini blend

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: chicken taco burgers, cantaloupe, chips

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: Kashi frozen pizza, salad

Sunday: leftover buffet

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Shannon said...

The chicken puffs look easy and family friendly! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas.

Stress Away said...

Good menu ideas. Awesome $68.77 savings. Your babies are sooooo beautiful. Have a great week :)