Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A few new things ...

(1) Claire started dance classes last week. She is taking ballet and tap. She is thrilled to be taking dance with her cousin Evie. And David and I get to hang out with Aunt Ashley and cousin Ian while the girls are in class.

Claire modeling her new backpack to carry all her dance gear. Hopefully, this will make it easy for me to keep everything we need to take to class together.

I love her little ballet bun. Too cute!

(2) David tried peanut butter for the first time today. Let's just say, he was not a huge fan. Claire doesn't eat PB&J because I never really fixed it for her and I do not want to have the same problem with this child. I thought we would try it out at home before sending it to school in case he was allergic. He was not allergic, but he was also not a fan! He did eat a few bites, so at least he tried it.

Look at that little spot of grape jelly under his lower lip.

PB&J = one big mess!

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