Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer Vacations: Savannah, GA

Okay ... I've done a horrible job posting about the many fun trips we have taken this summer. I think it is because I take so many pictures on the trip, then I come home and have to catch up on laundry, work, etc. and it get too overwhelmed to actually go through the pictures and write a post.

I think I've figured out how to make it manageable though. I think. I am going to just pick 8-12 pictures and do a separate post about each trip. Just hit the highlights. We went to five really fun places this summer so I hope to get caught up over the next week.

Bear with me.

Our first stop was in Savannah, Georgia back in May (this was part of our trip to Hilton Head Island, SC ... which will be covered in my next post). This trip only lasted about 1-1/2 days so it should be easy to write about, right? We'll see what I can remember.

When we arrived in Savannah at 11:30 am (after leaving our house at 2:15 am) we decided to walk around the entire historic district ... seriously, from one end to the other.

I think this is some government building.

Lunch outside at a restaurant on River Walk.

On our walking tour. We were pooped and took a long nap when we finally made it back to the room.

Savannah has lots of beautiful scenery.

Savannah Candy Co. ... Claire's own little version of heaven. She did a little shopping while we were there.

We managed to tear Claire away from the candy store long enough to eat dinner at this really cool pizza place called Da Vinci's in the City Market. I think I read about it in Southern Living. It was good, but not very kid friendly. The service was SLOW and they didn't have any high chairs. David ate dinner in the stroller.

On the second day of our trip, we went on a carriage tour of the city ... during David's naptime. I think you know where this is going. He cried/fussed pretty much the entire. Fortunately, it was only us and another older couple on the carriage.

Paula Deen's restaurant. All I really wanted to do in Savannah was go on the carriage tour (check) and eat at Paula Deen's restaurant (not check). Alas, it was not meant to be. It really sucks that they don't take reservations!

We saw lots of old, pretty houses on the carriage tour.

Look at this house covered in ivy.

David's face pretty much sums up his feelings about the carriage ride.

Savannah was just okay. Maybe I would have liked it better if (a) I wasn't exhausted from getting up in the middle of the night to drive there and (b) I didn't have two toddlers with me. Savannah is definitely a walking city and I don't mean stroller walking. But still, even if I didn't have the kids with me, I just didn't think there was a whole lot to do here.

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