Monday, December 7, 2009

The Perfect Season

Will always gets SEC championship tickets for his birthday from his parents, so we typically spend his birthday weekend in Atlanta. It is especially fun when we come home with a BIG WIN over Florida like we did this year. Go Bama!

The view from our seats.

Pre-game festivities with a big Bama spell-out by the band.

Will and I during halftime.

The big foam finger ... my souvenir from the game. This baby actually made its way to our Sunday School class Christmas party last night as our White Elephant/Dirty Santa gift. One huge Tennessee fan was less-than-thrilled to get it.

Bama about to score.

I'm glad we weren't sitting directly behind this guy. And yes, that is an orange satin shirt he is wearing.

The final score and final minutes of the game.

Boo hoo ... Tim Tebow crying like a baby. So sad Tebow, but you've had your day in the sun. {On a side note: I really like Tim Tebow in general and think he is a great kid, but I think he could have waited until the locker room to have his little pity party.}

It's raining streamers and confetti after the game.

Bama is the undisputed #1 college football team.

The trophy ceremony after the game.

To top off our big win, we got the eat dinner after the game with our friends Scotty and Lesley at Houston's (one of our all-time favorite restaurants ... the one in our town closed a couple of years ago). I didn't take any pictures at dinner. We were all tired and hungry ... and busy watching Texas almost get beat by Nebraska in their conference championship game.

Hopefully one or both of us will be able to make it out to watch Bama in the Rose Bowl in January to play for the National Championship.

"Remember the Rose Bowl, we'll win then."
(lyrics from Alabama's fight song Yea Alabama)

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