Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My week at Saddle Ridge Ranch aka "VBS"

Last week, the kids and I headed to VBS. I helped my friend Jennie, who was teaching one of the 4-year-old classes. Claire got to be in my class, which was fun. Since I was working at VBS, David got to go too. (Normally, it's for children 4 and up.) I took oodles of pictures that are shown below.

It was a fun week, but I was pooped! And it only lasted from 9-12 every day. I seriously have never been so tired in my life. Who knew it would be so hard to keep up with 24 4-year-olds for 5 days (4 of which were the teacher's or helpers' kids).

We had the kids for about 30 minutes in the morning and then they went to recreation/snack/missions in another part of the church. Then they went to music in another place and then came back to the room for crafts and the bible story (for about an hour). Then it was time to go home. Whew! It makes me tired all over again just talking about it! Oh, and did I mention that Will was out of town all week and I worked 15 hours at the office too. Thankfully, my mom came and helped me out most of the week ... and I'm pretty sure that she was more tired than I was!

Note to self ... kids love to search for buried treasure in dry rice and grains. This was by far, the most popular activity!

Giddy up cowgirl Claire!

Note to self ... although very fun and entertaining for the kids, the rice/grain treasure hunt can get very messy!

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