Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our July 4th Weekend

We headed down the Alabama for the weekend of July 4th for a little help with the kids from Will's parents. We were due a visit too!

Friday night: Will's parents had some of our close friends over for dinner and grilled steak and chicken. We had quite a feast and a total of seven kids (ages newborn to 8) in the house. We enjoyed getting to visit with our friends and family and love of sweet baby Coston. He is precious and it made me really excited about our on little bundle of joy due to arrive in September. The kids had fun too and stayed up until 10am playing DiDi's new Wii.

Claire and David outside before dinner (wearing their July 4th outfits).
Will and his dad chillin' and grillin'.

Saturday: Will's parents took my kids and their other two grandkids to a local park and splash pad with a side of McDonald's for lunch. Will played golf with his friend Courtney. I stayed at the house alone a got a ton of stuff done. I ordered fabric for the baby's diaper bag and car seat cover. I order about 400+ pictures for David's baby book. (Yes, I said David, my two year old.) And, I even painted my toe nails. All while watching HGTV all day long! I was in paradise. We had yummy catfish for dinner (at my request) and hung out at the house the rest of the night.

David & RiRi looking for birds outside their new sunroom.

Claire showing me her donut lips. RiRi always has powdered donuts for the kids. And I sneak a few too.

David ate a few (hundred) donuts over the weekend too. Well, mainly he just liked to carry them around and take a bite then put them back in the container.

Sunday: We went to church with Will's parents, had a huge lunch of roast and fresh veggies (our favorite meal that Will's mom makes) and banana pudding for dessert. We were stuffed again.
(It sounds like all we did was eat this weekend.)

Family photo from Sunday afternoon.

The kids were a little under the weather and very tired by Sunday night, so we stayed home from our local fireworks show and were all in bed by 10pm. I was sad to not see any fireworks on the 4th, but after a long, busy weekend, we needed to rest.

Thanks to Will's parents for a great weekend (as always).

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