Monday, August 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: August 23-29

This menu plan will be short and sweet this week. Our fave thing from last week that was a last minute addition to the menu plan was pesto-crusted grilled cheese. I served with sliced tomatoes and chips and Will and I both loved it. Can't wait to have it again this week. I thought the garden veggie frittata was also very good, but Will did not give it high marks. After that meal he said, "where was the meat item?" I actually meant to serve it with sausage links, but I forgot. It was still very filling though with muffins and fruit.

We will be having some quick meals and lots of leftovers this week as we have something every night this week and have a baby shower this weekend in Alabama.

Monday: pesto-crusted grilled cheese, sliced tomatoes, chips

Tuesday: Poppyseed chicken casserole w/rice, green vegetable, rolls

Wednesday: Tomato basil quiche, sausage links, blueberry muffins or coffee cake, fruit
Thursday: Leftovers for Will and the kids (I have book club!).
No cooking this weekend! Yeah!

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