Sunday, September 5, 2010

37 (almost 38) weeks

Oh my word, could my belly get any bigger? I don't think so, but it does. Each week, I manage to gain 2-3 more pounds. I think total weight gain is now 40-42 pounds.

But, that is okay because THE END IS IN SIGHT! We have a inducement date.

September 13.

I was sad to not be pregnant anymore when I had David. That is so not the case this time. I think the heat and sheer exhaustion have done me in!

Nothing else really to report on the pregnancy front so much. I was dilated to 2cm and 50% effaced at my doctor's appointment last Thursday. My blood pressure is still low and swelling is minimal. (I can still wear my wedding rings.)

My due date buddies this go round, however, are dropping like flies! My friend Mrs. Phillips delivered her baby boy on August 31st (10 days before her scheduled c-section) and Maggie delivered her sweet twins on September 1 (full term for twins). Oh, and Clay and Emily have their sweet baby boy in their arms (4 weeks early) and are awaiting adoption finalization. I have one more friend at church who is due two days after me and as far as I know, she has not had her baby yet!

Claire wanted to by in this belly picture. I thought it was funny that she was standing just like me. (She plays "mommy" all the time. Unfortunately for David, he is her victim. David will be very glad when baby Luke arrives and she can transfer all her "mommying" to someone else!)

Now that we have a date, I have cranked it into high gear to get everything finished up for Baby Luke's arrival. Everything is finished in the nursery except for (1) pictures in the picture frames, (2) a shelf that needs to be painted and hung and (3) name letters. We also need to buy (1) a diaper champ, (2) a new baby monitor and (3) a going home outfit for Luke.

I think that is it! The letters have been ordered and I am hopeful that Will will paint the shelf on Monday. The pictures won't be in the frames until after Baby Luke's newborn photo session. The rest can be taken care of with a quick trip to Target and a children's clothing boutique.

Sadly, I have to work on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but we have two big mediations on Thursday and Friday that we are trying to get ready for. If these cases settle, I will have a much more pleasant maternity leave! I am hoping to spend Thursday getting a manicure and pedicure and running a few last minute errands while the kids are in preschool. On Friday, we have playgroup, a birthday party and soccer practice, and Will is headed down to the Alabama/Penn State game on Saturday.

A quick survey ... we want to buy Claire and David gifts from the baby when they come to see him in the hospital. Any suggestions?

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