Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School, Back to School ...

You finish the line ... a little movie trivia to start your Thursday.

The kids both started school last week, so we have one week under our belts already. Claire goes into her classroom much more willingly than she did the first day. David still grabs my leg and holds on for dear life and has to be pried away by his teacher. Hopefully, that will improve soon!

Claire started school last Wednesday, September 1. Here are some pics from her first day (her last first day of preschool ... sniff, sniff).

Ready to head to school.

Giving baby brother a goodbye hug. I thought David would miss having Claire around all day, but we enjoyed some good quality Mommy and David time.

Claire and her friend Kathryn. This is the third year they have been in class together. They are best buds.

Claire and her teacher. We love Ms. Pam already. She is so sweet. Claire loves her because she does not have a formal "nap time" at school. I had to wait until the end of the day to snap this picture to give Claire some time to warm up to her new teacher.

David started Mother's Day Out last Thursday, September 2. He was excited to carry his red bag (every color is "red" right now ... he knows the difference between the different colors, but he calls every color red.)

David has the same teachers that Claire had when she was two. We love Ms. Jayne and Ms. Stacy! He was excited to see his best buddies, Will and Charlie, from his class last year too.

These are the best pics I got of the kids together in their matching apple outfits. As you will notice, David was ALL SMILES while we were outside the room. The tears started when it was time to go inside the room!

I always make the kids matching back-to-school outfits and this year it kind of back-fired on me since the kids started school on different days. Oh well! Claire just wore her outfit on the second day. [Claire was disappointed that she had a small apple and David had a big apple, but I was trying to cover-up some white screen printing that was on her shirt. She very quickly got over it when Ms. Pam complimented her shirt and told her she would have to wear it again when they were learning about the letter "A" next week.]

We are looking forward to a fun school year! So far, so good. And this no nap thing for three days is working out great for Claire's napping at home. She took a good, long nap every day this past weekend and before she hardly ever took naps at home anymore.

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