Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cooking Day with Claire

This past Friday, Claire and I spent the afternoon in the kitchen while David was taking a long nap.

Claire insisted on wearing her apron and hat. (We have matching oven mitts too ... Thanks Colleen!)

The first thing we made were some cookies that a parent had given me at VBS. Cookie mix in a jar. Since VBS was in mid-July, I was afraid the mix was going to go bad if I didn't use it soon.

I love this recipe because once you have the mix, you just add butter, egg, water and vanilla and then pour in the mix. So easy.

Claire with our finished product. She ate about 1/2 a cookie and decided that she didn't like them. (She would prefer to eat just the chocolate chips out of the cookie.) Will and I loved these cookies and decided that the rice krispies and oatmeal add just the right amount of texture to make the cookie taste chewy and light.

Next, we made that pesky tomato-basil quiche that I have had on my menu plan for several weeks now. I froze one quiche and reheated the other quiche for dinner on Sunday night. We liked this recipe okay, but if I made it again, I will definitely chop the basil instead of using whole leaves.

(Claire accidentally touched the hot pie plate right before this picture. We should have been wearing our oven mitts!)

The last thing we made was Buffalo Chicken dip for the first Saturday of college football viewing. It is one of my favorite game day treats and we serve it with fritos and celery sticks (for a healthier option).

David finally woke up from his nap to sample a cookie. He ate two (and so did I). Claire decided that I needed to wear her hat for the picture.

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chawthorne said...

She looks precious! Give her a hug from me. (: