Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!

Well, apparently, I took a little maternity leave from the blog too. Things have been a bit crazy around here with the arrival of baby Luke, but we are finally starting to get settled into a routine (I think).

Anyway, I have plans to do some major blog updating in the next few weeks with lots of baby pictures, but in the meantime ...

We have done a little decorating for fall. I'm not a big seasonal decorator (or decorator in general), but I do love some mums and pumpkins on the front porch in October. Thanks to Will for taking me to Home Depot to get my mums. I couldn't quite figure out how to get two large mums to the car with three kids in tow.

We have a big beautiful tree in our front yard (the prettiest in the neighborhood). Starting to turn shades of yellow and orange and fall to the ground ... and these decorations are free!

I loved the red/mulberry mums, but they didn't have any large enough for the front porch, so I got a small one for the kitchen. David painted the little pumpkin at preschool last week.

A few scant leaves on the ground. Claire has been dying to rake up the leaves and make a big pile to jump in. We had enough for a small pile. I keep telling her to be patient and there will be a ton of leaves on the ground in a couple of weeks (much to Will's dismay).

Finally, thanks to some help with the kids from my sweet mom, I was able to crank out some fall shirts for the kids. Doing t-shirts in threes is quite a daunting task! I did manage to get pumpkin tees and ghost tees made for the kids.

Happy Fall!! Stay tuned for pumpkin patch, leaves raking and Halloween pics ...

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