Monday, November 22, 2010

Some updates ... from August

Here are a few things from August that I don't want to forget.

(1) A Baby shower for Luke given by my sweet friend Heather with the girls in my now defunct bible study group.

Look at this yummy dessert spread. Cupcakes from Gigi's are always a big hit with me!

And so are pajamas from Hanna Andersson.

Ashley, me, Krystie & Heather ... a fun group of girls and a fun shower!

(2) Claire started ballet at a new studio closer to our house. (Last year I drove her 40 minutes to ballet so she could dance with her cousin, Evie.) Each ballet studio always has their own rules about what to wear, how to fix your hair, etc. At "old ballet" we wore pink leotards. At "new ballet" we wear black leotards and pink tights. When Claire and I were shopping for some new ballet shoes and her black leotard Claire cried that she didn't want to go to "black ballet". Clearly it is all about the color leotard.

Despite the fact that she has to wear a black leotard and despite the fact that Evie is no longer in her class, she has really enjoyed her new class. There are only 4 other girls in her class so I am definitely getting my money's worth. And, it is only 5 minutes from our house! She is also getting to do some tumbling along with ballet and tap, which she really seems to love. She is really close to be able to do a cartwheel.

(3) A princess breakfast ... Claire attended this breakfast with her Aunt Brandi and cousin Breanna. Fortunately, we had plenty of wardrobe choices for a last minute invite to the ball. We opted for Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) because this is the only princess gown that we have the shoes, crown and wand to match.

Something every princess should know how to do!

What princess breakfast is complete without a prince. Claire kept asking to have her picture made with the prince. Breanna (age 8) told her that boys were "yucky". Claire told her that she thought he was "handsome". Clearly, I have my work cut out for me!

There were plenty of grown-up princesses there as well.

(4) Will played in a golf tournament that is hosted by two brothers in our Sunday School class every year (for the last 10+ years). Will was partnered with their third brother that we don't know and all he heard about leading up to the tourney was how horrible this guy was at golf. But, they actually ended up almost winning the whole tourney. They lost by one stroke in a playoff hole. Oh well, maybe next year. My favorite part of this tourney each year is always after-party that night where we have been known to partake of a few adult beverages and possibly even have a few lawnmower races. Fun times!! Plus, the money raised in this tourney went to support a family in North Dakota who just lost their husband/father following liver transplant surgery. Read his amazing story here. The Arnold family were dear friends of a couple in our Sunday School class.

(5) Another baby shower for Luke ... with my sweet friends in Alabama.

Complete with a yummy chocolate cake from Edgar's Bakery in Birmingham.

A family photo.

My sweet friends who hosted our shower ... Laura, Candice, Kaisha & Heather.

Okay ... I think I have August covered. I hope I can get to Sept/Oct/Nov updated before the end of the year!

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