Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sew What? 2011 Edition.

Ok, so I used to do a monthly post called "Sew What?" where I posted all of my sewing projects (some completed, some in progress). I haven't done it in a while and to be honest, there hasn't been a whole lot of sewing going on around here that past few months. But, here are a few things I did over the holidays and some this month.

I made the following 9 t-shirts when I was at my mom's house one Saturday. (Will let me stay there ALL DAY LONG! It was AWESOME!)

Football tees for David & Luke ...

Christmas train tees for the boys ...

Christmas/winter tees for Claire (I put a cute pink bow around the top of the bag in Santa's sleigh) ...

Reindeer shirts (and a romper for Luke) for all! Claire's reindeer got a cute white bow not pictured here.

Now, on to more t-shirts, but with matching pants made by me!

I bought the light blue shirt for David from Hannah Kate Clothing. I already had the matching pants fabric. I had enough to make Luke a pair too and made a cute little patch on one of David's old white onesies.

Another set of matching outfits for the boys. This pants pattern (Britches & Bloomers) is super easy and quick (as it doesn't have a side seam on the legs) and I think I made all 4 pair of these pants on a Sunday afternoon.

Finally, a cute outfit for my sweet girl. I love sewing for her!! These cute flare leg pants are a Bonnie Blue pattern called "Jillian". They run large, which means she can probably wear them next year too.

I appliqued this ruffle tee with a cute flower patch and monogram.

And three cute tees for David ...

All of these embroidery appliques came from

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