Thursday, March 31, 2011

David at the Dentist

I forgot to add this to our February wrap-up. When Will was in South Africa, I took all three kids to the dentist. (Luke just went along for moral support.)

Claire was such a big girl and went back by herself and even had x-rays done for the first time. Yeah for no cavaties!

David, on the other hand, was not a fan. Here he is all happy with his new tootbrush while waiting for the hygeinist to come in and clean his teeth.

Getting our teeth cleaned.

Look at that face. Remember Claire first trip to the dentist? Unfortunately, I couldn't get David's picture with the dentist because I was holding him down so he could look at his teeth.

I fed Luke a bottle and he fell asleep in his carseat/carrier while all of this was going on.

So now we have another 6 months to get David pumped up for another visit to the dentist. I can't wait!

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