Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Breaking my silence ...

I haven't posted in a while for several reasons:

(1) I am now working from home and I have been home with my kids all day, every day this summer. It has been great fun, but exhausting and leaving me very little time to doing things like blog. (The 4:15 am wake-up for the gym and subsequent 8:30 pm bedtime have not helped my free-time situation either.)

(2) We've had major computer issues the past month. We had some kind of worm on our home computed (which I also use for work) that I spent an entire day removing and installing new security software on our computer. Thank you to our IT guy at work and my brother-in-law for walking me through all that over the phone. Then, I found baby Luke playing with our external hard drive and it was making a grinding noise. After several minutes on Google, I discovered that this was NOT GOOD and the drive was probably broken. All of our pictures were on there (thankfully, all were backed up on Snapfish and most were backed up on CD or my i-pad so we didn't lose much at all), but since our 2004 Dell desktop has absolutely no memory (hence, the external hard drive), I am still waiting on my replacement hard drive from Seagate to get my pictures back in my immediate possession (and on my computer so I can blog).

(3) I am homeschooling Claire for Kindergarten. We started August 1st. I have kind of avoided talking about this subject. I am solid and confident in my decision to do this, but don't really like to discuss the ins-and-outs that much and most people really want to discuss the ins-and-outs. Will and I decided to do this for several reasons, but the bottom line is I feel called to do this for whatever reason. Right now, I feel like it is the best thing for Claire and our family life in general, but I also feel like God may be leading me to do this for other reasons that will become apparent down the road. I prayerfully made this decision back in February when God just kept throwing it in my face over and over again. He solidified my decision when I broached the subject with Will and he was totally on board. I was shocked.

Anyway, as you can see, I have been super busy and unfortunately, for the grandparents and the 4-5 people who read this, the blog has suffered. I hope to get back to regular blogging soon (once I recover all of my pictures) and get the boys started in their new Parents' Day Out program at the end of August. Until then, I have an extra "student" named David that I have to keep entertained with preschool activities while his sister does Kindergarten. I will also being doing preschool stuff with David on the three days he is home during the school year since he is not in a true preschool program.

My friend Amy and I were texting back and forth today and she asked me if I was going to blog about our homeschool experience and I told her "yes." (Actually, she asked if I was going to blog about my "honest oiling" experience. Don't you just love auto-correct?) I won't give you a daily play-by-play like a lot of homeschool bloggers do, but I will share some of our school activities throughout the year.

So, just to clear the air ... I am not pregnant again (like I was when I took my last blog hiatus), but I am very busy!

Stay tuned for more ...


Lou Lou said...

seems like every blog I follow (which is only 4) took the summer off. so glad you are back!

the Wilbecks said...

Glad to hear all that :) I have no room to make fun though. Let's get together soon.