Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Fun 4 Parents

Will and I sent the kids to his parent's house a couple of weekends this summer and it was a MUCH NEEDED BREAK from the kiddos. Do you know how quiet this house is when the kids are gone?

The first weekend was back in July. On Friday night Will and I ate dinner at our fave restaurant (Stoney Creek) to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. (Sorry, no pics!) On Saturday, we did a few projects around the house, including installing a ceiling fan in Claire and David's room. It turned out to be a bigger project than we expected and ended with me on a ladder in the kids' room and Will in the attic with a broom and flashlight directing me where to put the screws. We are still a good team after 11 years! Saturday afternoon, we headed out with some friends to the U2 concert at Vanderbilt. We had a blast tailgating before the show and the concert was AWESOME! It was hot!hot!hot! and sticky but a great night.

Beer and a few games of cornhole before the show. Always a hit with the guys.

Me and my honey! Happy Anniversary!

The beautiful, glistening ladies.

Inside the stadium. It was so WAY hotter in there.

Awesome stage!

Here comes U2 on the big screen.

Awesome stage at night. It was not any cooler after the sun went down.

Best. concert. ever. Hands down.

We also managed to snag a babysitter for a date night with friends to celebrate our friend Rocky's birthday and his almost last night as a father of three. (Teri delivered baby #4 two days later.)
The whole gang (at Stoney River again).

Happy Birthday Rocky!!

The lovely ladies.

Our cute hubbies.

In August, we sent the kids to Alabama again for some adult only time. Friday night was dinner and a movie date with Will. Saturday morning, Will played in a golf tourney with a bunch of guys mostly from our church. This is an annual event, topped off with a evening soiree with spouses.

A group of girls from our Sunday School class. The two girls on either end are expecting baby #3. Their worlds are about to be ROCKED!

Will and me before we made a quick exit to avoid being thrown in the pool.

The Winners! (I'm not sure why this picture is so teeny-tiny, but we'll just roll with it.) Will played with Wade (by random pairings) last year and this year. Last year, they came in second place, losing in a score-card playoff. (For those of you who play golf, maybe you know what that is.) This year, they won the tourney outright. Wade is the younger brother of the tourney organizers and they always give him a hard time. Will was glad they won!

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