Wednesday, September 7, 2011

End of Preschool

Maybe if I can do one post every single day, I can catch up by ... NEVER!

But I will try.

Here are some pictures from May at the end of Claire and David's preschool program for 2010-11.

Claire's end-of-the-year music program.

Claire and her BFF Kathryn have been in class together for the last 3 years! We will miss her this year, but we are thankful we still get to see her and her mom at church on Wednesday nights.

Claire and me.

David and his teachers, Stacey and Jayne on the last day of school (they were Claire's teachers at age 2-3 too).

Claire with Mrs. Pam on the last day of school.

With the end of preschool, we also lost our babysitter, Mrs. Heather, who started after I went back to work from maternity leave with Luke. We loved Mrs. Heather! She returned to army base where she lived with her husband after he returned from Afghanistan. (She was living here with her parents while he was deployed ... otherwise, we would have kept her forever!)

Mrs. Heather was Luke's first babysitter!

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