Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

It's back! I think it has been close to a year since I did a menu plan Monday post. I've still been cooking and pulling things together, but formal menu planning has been tough. I've kind of been in a rut.

I've found a new meal planning website that I am trying out for a little help. This nice thing about this meal plan is that I prepare 5 meals at one time in one hour. Then, during the week, I just take the prepared meals out and cook them. The meals from the sample menu look good and should make enough for our 5 eaters plus leftovers for a couple of lunches for me. (I'm getting tired of eating sandwiches now that I am home everyday.) A lot of these meals are freezable too.

Monday: black bean and corn quesadillas, chips & salsa

Tuesday: chick-fil-a kids' night after soccer

Wednesday: slow cooked Asian beef & broccoli, brown rice, egg rolls

Thursday: spaghetti & meatball casserole, salad, garlic bread

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: plans out

Sunday: leftovers

Visit Laura @ Organizing Junkie for more great menu plans.


Lauren said...

Yum!!! Do you have a recipe for your slow-cooked Asian beef and broccoli? That sounds like just my kind of thing -- and I love my crock pot! :-)

CTP said...

This looks great, Susan!!

Erin said...

New follower from MPM. Your menu sounds delicious! Have a good week.