Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Ian!

My nephew Ian celebrated his 4th birthday last month. We had a fun time at his party at Bounce U. Daddy stayed home to play golf so I went solo with all 3 kiddos.

Here is the best picture I got of Claire and David. Claire has got the fake, cheesy smile down pat.

My sister's brother-in-law and two nieces coming down the slide. They had a fun time!

Claire is almost at the very top of that tower. (She has on aqua leggings.) She climbed to the top all by herself and then got to come down a ginormous slide.

Luke had a fun time crawling around in this bouncy. I really think he was just glad to be out of the stroller.

Maggie, Evie and Claire. The "big" girls.

The whole gang. Ian is wearing the super-cool Superman shirt in the back center.

Drum roll for the Happy Birthday song.

Time to blow out the candle.

Evie and Claire ... all hyped up on double-doozie cookie cake. (If you like cookie cake, you must try this cake from Sam's Club. It is delish!)

Happy Birthday Ian!

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