Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Since Claire is now in Kindergarten, she gets to go to Marketplace at our church on Sunday mornings (during the church service). It's like a real live marketplace during biblical times, sometimes complete with animals.

The rule is that when your parent works in Marketplace, you can dress up with them. This past Sunday, Will worked in the carpentry shop and Claire got to dress up and help. She was super-pumped. A big thank you to my friend Kelli who helped Claire get dressed (since I teach a class in the nursery at the same time) and took these pictures.

I was secretly trying to figure out how I could sneak up there and get some pics. I thought the preschool director would probably frown upon me leaving my class of 2 years to run upstairs and snap a few photos.

Didn't you know they wore silver glitter shoes in bible times?

Here is Claire and Will all dressed up.

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