Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY: Kitchen Message Center

Another Pinterest project completed.  My inspiration ...

BEFORE: My kitchen wall with plain, boring bulletin board to hold the kids' art.

Bulletin board removed.  Wall taped for dear hubby to hang 6 12x12 frames.  (Sadly, my kitchen wall looked like this for about 3 weeks before we got the pictures hung.)

12x12 cork boards went in 3 of the frames. 

The other 3 frames hold a menu board (from my original inspiration), a shopping list board and a family photo with scripture.  All of the "photos" were created on Photoshop Elements 7.0 and printed at Costco for $2.99/print.

AFTER: here is the message center in use.  I love it!  I attached the dry erase marker above the "menu plan" board with a velcro dot.  I also used a velcro dot on the bottom center of each frame to hold the frame in place.  Otherwise, I might drive myself crazy trying to keep these frames all lined up.

To summarize:

Supplies needed:
6 - 12x12 frames with glass.  (These were $5/each at Hobby Lobby on sale.)
3 - 12x12 cork board.  (Approximately $5 for 4 at Hobby Lobby.)
3 - 12x12 prints or pieces of scrapbook paper (this step can totally be done without Photoshop)
velcro dots
dry erase marker

Total cost = $45 (does not include marker and velcro dots that I already had but that cost is minimal)

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