Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Soccer

Claire played in a new soccer league this year and we LOVED it.  (1) The season lasted 6 weeks.  (2) College soccer players run the practices so she was actually learning soccer skills. (3) Everybody practices and plays games at the same time so when David plays next year, only one practice night and one game day per week.  The only "con" of this league was that it was co-ed.  But that didn't seem to bother Claire!

Meme keeping David entertained during one of the games.

I only took pictures at a couple of games, but at the last game, Claire was super-aggressive and scored 5 goals for the day.  Her soccer skills have definitely improved and she is still a super-fast runner.

Her buddy Sophie.  Her dad was Claire's coach.

Claire's #1 fan.

Our motley crew on the sidelines.
Team photo.  The last game fell the week before fall break so several team members were out.  And we probably should not have posed the kids facing the sun.  Sophie (in the center) was clearly not a fan! 

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