Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The morning after ...

Happy Halloween!! I didn't get the kids in their costumes until 4pm yesterday and we left at 5 to head to our friends' house for dinner and trick-or-treating so there was no way I was getting costume pics up on the blog last night.

Here is Fireman Dave. I really hope he doesn't have to put out any fires because he could not lift that fire extinguisher. It is not a prop. It is the real deal and it is heavy. I just ran it out for the picture.

For some reason, David felt the need to hold his hat on (with both hands) all night long.

Claire specifically requested to be Rapunzel. After studying my options online for several weeks, I finally decided to order directly from the Disney Store because (1) their costume was by far the prettiest, (2) I liked the braided wig versus big, crazy loose hair wig that is not braided (Hello, have you seen the movie? Rapunzel had braided hair.), and (3) I had a 15% off coupon code that made the Disney costume the same price as any of my other options.

Claire got to wear silver sparkle shoes and makeup. She was in heaven!

Scooby Luke was not a fan of his headpiece. This was my one attempt at a photo before Will got home and before Luke scampered off. (This costume was a hand-me-down from big brother.)

Ah, there we go. He finally wore the hat for a few minutes. (Notice older siblings holding his hands.)

Claire and her BFF Kate (posing as Sleeping Beauty ... Claire's favorite princess until Rapunzel came along).

All the kiddos at our little trick-or-treat gathering. Claire is the oldest and Luke is the youngest and one more is on the way (he is not ours).

Our hosts. This is the third year we have trick-or-treated in their ginormous neighborhood.

Much to Will's dismay, we dressed up this year. I already had the Daphne costume and I borrowed the Fred costume from a friend. I knew it would be our last chance to go as a Scooby gang since Luke was wearing the costume this year. I'm thinking neon orange hair is not my best color!

The whole gang.

And now, I'm off to eat some Halloween candy!

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Christine said...

So cute! Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Jessica Alba? I was looking at these pictures and couldn't believe the resemblance! That is a good thing! :-) Your babies are so precious!