Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Kids

The kids after church Dec. 4th.  I love Christmas outfits!  You will see these outfits a lot this Christmas season since this is the only year they will all 3 fit in them. 

And saying that David's outfit fits is stretching it a bit.  It's a 2T.  He's 3-1/2 and wears a 3T.  The pants are still fine, but the shirt is barely too short.  I think we can tough it out for a couple more weeks.  No growth spurts between now and Christmas please.

And this is me trying to use my camera in manual mode.  That is one of my New Year's Resolutions ... to learn how to use my camera for real! 

Above is a good setting to take photos of your Christmas tree with the lights all sparkly.  However, it is not the best for photographing a child in front of said tree.  As you can see below, the tree and lights look great, but there is not enough light on the kids faces and they look kind of grainy.  (I actually added some fill light to these pictures in my editing software ... without, it was hard to see the kids at all.)

As you can see, even though I've had my camera since Feb. 2009, I still have a lot to learn.  Up until now, I've shot everything in automatic mode.  I see a lot of Internet reading "how to's" in my future.

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