Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some aDult Fun!

My old bible study group had their annual Christmas get together dinner at a local steakhouse this past weekend.  Good food, good friends and good fun was had by all.

All the gals.  On a funny side note ... the guys left us to pay while they headed to a sports bar across the street to watch the end of a basketball game.  One of us (Heather) forgot her check card to pay and another one of us (Beth) forgot her car keys.  Are we really that helpless without our hubbies? 

Twinkies!  This seems to happen to Will a lot.   

The guys acting silly.  (Chad is re-enacting an uncomfortable moment Carey had in the church preschool department a few weeks ago.  And Will looks like he is riding a horse.  Kevin is just happy to be there.) 

Here is a better picture of the guys. 

Fun times as always!!

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