Sunday, January 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: January 16

The recipes we used from Make 5 Dinners in 1 Hour turned out good last week.  One thing I really like about this meal plan service is that you get 4 menu plans for each month at the beginning of the month.  So you can pull from other weeks if you don't like something one week or another.  Or mix up the weeks if that is your fancy.

Just as an FYI ... if you see a repeat from the previous week it is most likely that I never made it and I'm just moving to the next week.  I say this because I've had ham & cheese quiche on our menu plan for the last 3 weeks and I've just never gotten around to making it for one reason or another. (I just didn't want anyone to think we eat the same thing every week.)

Monday: Kids' Night at Moe's.  (Will and Claire had a bet to stop biting their nails and Claire won ... so we are eating at Moe's.)

Tuesday: leftover slow cooked baked potato soup, salad

Wednesday: ham & cheese quiche, pumpkin bread [I made the pumpkin bread over the weekend to take with a meal to a family with a new baby (it makes 3 loaves) and it is excellent!]

Thursday: crockpot chicken & dumplings

Saturday: breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes (I add 1/2c. chocolate chips to this recipe) and pumpkin pancakes (we did not eat these last week); dinner - shrimp pasta with pesto cream sauce, garlic bread

Sunday: Leftovers!!

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Abby Devine said...

I love Moe's and chocolate chip pancakes. Sounds like a great menu plan... I need to start pre planning my meals otherwise we end up eating things we shouldn't be.